Know your home needs work to grab top dollar,
but don't have the cash to pay for it?
We have the answer and here's how it works.









What do you do?  Call the trendy new online “we’ll buy your home” sites if you’re ok with selling for 10-15% less than market value.


Or, call The Dawson Group, the only real estate team in the Triangle with a financing option
and a sister company (Aspire Homes) to do the work.


They know what updates to make versus selling as-is for a speedier and more profitable sale.


Since the loan isn’t tied to the property, you can either pay it off at closing or a later date.


Instead of getting estimates, get packing and let The Dawson Group and Aspire Homes handle all the details. 

Let's Break It Down

Example Scenario 


          Home needing repairs: $180,000 as-is


          Repairs needed:

          Paint - $4,500

          Misc Exterior Repair - $1,200

          New Carpet - $2,800

          Cleaning - $350

          Roof - $6,000


          Total Repairs Financed: $14,850


          Polished Home Value: $199,000


          Positive Net to Seller: $4,150

          Pay off the $14,850 at close or at your own pace!